New Look, New Tagline – What’s Next?

by Berrak on October 3, 2011

I didn’t come up with the name PQ Productions last year when I lost my job and threw up the website at 3 am. I came up with PQ Productions years ago. I’m sure there’s a lame banner floating around somewhere. Back then, there was no direction because even I didn’t know what I wanted to do, except for the fact that I wanted to keep writing, make a difference in the world, and maybe continue on that ambitious path until I couldn’t anymore.

I didn’t plan to go on my own at 25, halfway through my Bachelor’s Degree. I certainly didn’t plan on falling in love with Social Media, Community Management and content marketing. Though it makes sense.

I’ve been playing it safe – and I feel that it’s time to cut out the middle man.  Instead of working with agencies (big or small) and being the lead for a client, I’m going after clients myself.

After all, I’m the one doing all the work so why shouldn’t I represent myself without fear?

When I was driving back from IgniteDC #7 a few months ago, the thought of ‘amplifying yourself’ kept throwing itself around in my head.  What it means to me, what it could mean for the people around me and why it propelled me forward. It makes complete sense because that’s what I’ve been doing – taking the things that make me stand out, that make me happy and amplifying them to build my brand.

I want to do that for others – whether they’re a person looking for a job, a company looking to hire or a brand trying to stand out in the immense noise that is out there. (Can you hear me now?)

So what’s next for PQ Productions, and you?

More Jobs Digests.

More content on things that matter to me in the industry, and careers in general.

Possibly an eBook (crazy, I know) and

Your referrals when you hear of a friend looking for a job, or getting their company on the internet or any of the other services I offer.

So let’s cut through the noise and get down to work.


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