Calling for Freelance Writers

by Berrak on February 1, 2012

You are perfect for this gig if you:
…are opinionated
…able to bring life to any topic by making it conversational and interesting
…an outstanding writer
…are able to provide two quality daily blog posts on your given topic (5 days a week)
…know exactly what it takes to make a blog post engaging
…have a keen eye for pictures that bring a blog post to life.
…know what SEO stands for.
…know what it takes to build relationship with other bloggers for link exchanges

Still with me?

We’re looking for expert bloggers for our network of niche blogs with demanding clients who only expect the best. You will be working with a set of blogging guidelines that ensures each post we provide to our clients is top quality.

This is not just a copywriting position or writing for a static website that only requires straight-forward information. We’re also not looking for keyword-stuffers.

You will be writing for a blog that’ll require you to draw in and keep an audience engaged and interested.

If you don’t have blogging experience but are an excellent writer, we want you to apply on one condition: Tell us 3 of your favorite blogs in your email so we know that you’re familiar with writing for a blog.

To apply for this job, please provide us with an unedited 350-500 word blog post on the topic you’d like to be considered for. Also include 3 pictures that you would use to accompany this post.

We’re currently looking for writers in the following categories:
Aquascaping – everything from waterfalls to bridges to pools to restaurants to architecture
Nutrition, Health and Wellness
Eco-Friendly Products

If you’re not interested in any of these topics but would like to be in our pool of writers (we’re always in need of great writers), let us know what topic interests you most and write a sample on that topic.

Are you active on social media? Mention that too.

Once you get your foot in the door with us with the consistent quality of your work, then there may be additional writing opportunities for you on other blogs in our network.

Please send all submissions to berrak[at] with the subject: [Topic] Writer Submission.

Thank you!

  • doniree

    Hey! I’d love to submit for the nutrition/health/wellness category, but am wondering how compensation is handled.


    Berrak Reply:

    Hey! You’d get paid weekly and the pay is between $20-40 per post, depending on the client.


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